Facing Your Fears {Surface-level Shit}

Whether you have a fear of heights, water, public speaking (which if this is you you definitely need to watch my free webinar replay) or something else - it is time to start facing those surface level fears and stop letting them dictate your power.

I personally have always had a fear of heights.

You would never find me standing near a ledge, jumping off rocks or really even going in elevators at a young age. My husband on the other hand, most definitely does not have a fear of heights. It’s not uncommon to see him scaling rocks with absolutely no equipment or jumping off of 40-foot waterfall in Costa Rica; yeah I almost had a heart attack with that one.

When we started dating he was constantly pushing me and pushing me and pushing me to face my fear of heights, but I was not budging. I remember a time in Yosemite when we were there with his whole family and they were all jumping off this rock into the water. I was so scared, but I eventually climbed up the rock, already hard enough on its own, and waited to jump. Needless to say I ended up in tears, climbed down a little bit and jumped off a lower rock. It’s hard to explain, but the feeling I get when I am on the edge of something is an all-encompassing feeling in my whole entire body that the worst is about to happen.

So why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because I know you can relate. I bet there is a surface level fear you are dealing with that is holding you back in your everyday life.

That rock in Yosemite made me realize that I was sitting back on a lot of fun adventures because I was letting my fear consume me. From then on I made it a point to try one thing that scared me every year when we took our annual anniversary vacation. Since Yosemite in 2012 I’ve walked across a rope bridge in Ireland, stood at the edge of Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, zip lined in Oregon, stood in the glass case at the Sears Tower, hiked to the top of a waterfall in Costa Rica and just recently went indoor rock climbing with my husband. Each one of these experiences has made me get out of my comfort zone and pushed me past my limits - and each of these experiences has carried over into my everyday life.

I’m becoming more adventurous in my decisions, in taking chances and yes, in climbing to the top!

Facing Your Fears:

  • Helps you grow as an individual and business owner

  • Makes you feel as if you can accomplish anything (especially if it is a fear you've held on to for years)

  • Teaches you that YOU have the power

  • Gives you a new perspective on life and what you've been holding back from

That’s the trick with facing your fears at the surface level, it opens up the opportunity for new possibilities you might normally ignore out of fear. I want you to remember that every small step you take every chance that you have to face these fears is really a chance for a new beginning.

By facing our fears a little bit at a time we are slowly breaking away the layers that are holding us back.

Be Merry!

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