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How to Set Healthy Boundaries for a Successful Business

How to Set Healthy Boundaries for a Successful Business

August 30, 2018

How to Set Healthy Boundaries for a Successful Business | Brandmerry by Michelle Knight Branding and Business  Coach  

If you start getting into the habit of setting boundaries in your business, even if you're just starting out, it's going to make a huge difference. Today I'm sharing some small adjustments you can make in your business to set healthy boundaries. 

You should be creating a business that compliments your ideal life of freedom and not one that takes away from it, but it's easy to kind of let your business take over. You have to make a conscious effort to create harmony between your business and your life. 

In today's blog post I'm sharing how to set boundaries outside and inside your business. Feel free to read or scroll to the bottom to watch the complimentary video.

Setting Boundaries Outside Your Business

You have to be open to communicating with your friends and family what it is you really do. You're not just staying at home, or hanging out on Facebook all day. We have to understand that there is going to be a time to dedicate to our business and a time to dedicate to our family and friends.

We have to find that harmony - and you'll notice I don't say balance because to me balance seems like 50/50 and it may not always be 50/50. Harmony is about the ebb and flow, which is more realistic when running a business. Think about a launch - you're not always launching, but it's a time when your business needs more love. 

How can you communicate with your loved ones when you're going through a launch and are a little busier within your business? 

There is no exact formula or percentage between your business and your family. I don't believe in them because it's going to be constantly changing. So you just need to be aware if you are working all the time or if you're neglecting your business, and make the adjustments where needed. You have to honor the seasons of your business and your life. 

Ben, my husband, knows my schedule. He knows when carts open when I'm launching, when I have downtime, and that helps our lives run smoothly. Make sure your family is aware that this is your passion and to support you during those busier times in your business.

Having those conversations is so important, because it allows you to give yourself permission to be fully present in your work and with your family. 

One of the biggest things for me was creating my office space, so I can shut the door when I need to. If you need to, move your work. I love blocking time off to go work at a coffee shop if I know that I have something big to get done. 

Even for things that aren't business related. If I want to take Cal, my son, to the Zoo on a nice day - I will block that out in my calendar. That is stepping into that CEO role.

Give yourself permission to love your business and also love the people around you. Understand when you need to love on your business or love on your family. And when you're with your family, remove the distractions. Stay off your phone. But also remember that no ones perfect, so don't get down on yourself if you break the boundaries every now and then. 

Action Steps: Block out the time in your calendar and honor it, create an "office" space, leave your home to work, when you're with your family remove distractions.

Setting Boundaries Inside Your Business

The biggest areas you need to set boundaries for yourself are on social media, emails (clients) and tech. From my experience those are the most significant time suckers.

Boundaries online. Some of my favorite tricks to making sure I don't get sucked in are to put myself on a timer, so I'm not spending all of my time in these areas. Another strategy is to set one or two times a day where you check your email. If someone emails after that, you can respond the next day and the same for your Facebook groups. 

Boundaries with your clients and your audience.  It's really important that you are clear from the get-go what your clients can expect from you and what you can expect from them. One thing I do with my clients is give them a 24-48 hour response time. If they email after I've already checked my email that day, they aren't going to get a response until tomorrow.

This actually empowers your client because it gives them room to explore their own answers and ideas. My favorite thing is when I get an email on Friday night with a bunch of questions, and yes some of the questions will require my guidance, but come Monday they have already figured out a lot of their questions and now feel confident taking action in their own business. 

Boundaries with yourself. One of my mentors told me some advice that has changed my business this year and I want to pass that on to you. Stop working 15 minutes before you think you're done. We can push ourselves, but that will just lead to burnout and frustration. I could probably work 12 hours straight, but that's not good for me, that's not good for my soul, and that's not good for my family. 

Action Steps: Set an alarm for when you are going on social media, block out time in your calendar for emails, stop working 15 minutes before you think you're done.

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