Regain Momentum


Welcome back loves. Today’s blog post, Regain Momentum, came from a suggestion in our private Facebook group, Authentic Brand Builders. I answered the question briefly in the comment box, but felt it deserved it's own blog post as well

The questions was asked:

"What would you suggest to someone who is trying to get their business up and running after a slow month and is feeling discouraged?" 

I think we can all agree that we have been there. Like I’ve said in previous posts, let’s all make overwhelm a non-negotiable, we don’t need that kind of feeling in our lives. But I do understand that sometimes it feels as though we are losing momentum, whether that be in sales, your launch, keeping up on your blog, etc...

I have included three of my top tips for you if you relate to the question above. I’ve also taken into account that most of you are working your 9 to 5 jobs and/or have families, and don’t have a whole day to dedicate to, well, anything. I understand so I hope you will find these three, short, effective tips useful for regaining momentum in your business.

1.  Vision Board

If you don’t already have a vision board I recommend you go home TONIGHT and create one. This can be a physical board in your office or room (I totally have four), your desktop wallpaper, a Post-it in your car, whatever it is your vision board should include your desires. I recommend having a mix of short-term desires and long-term. For me I have a short-term goal of hiring someone to clean my house. Cleaning is totally not my jam these days, as I would rather spend time with my family and on my business. A long-term goal is to make $100,000 in my business by December 31st. Whatever your desires may be put them on paper, write them, type them, make a cute image, whatever needs to be done do it.

I’m not kidding when I tell you this totally works. At the end of May I FINALLY added a few items to my vision board, one of which was an image of a high-level coach I dreamed of working with and the other pictures cities in Europe we hoped to visit. On June 1, I woke up to an email regarding an amazing sale to Europe in October so I booked the flights. I also had a call with my dream coach and booked her the following week. Don't hold back!

2.  Mindset Work

I talk about this a lot in the community, in other groups, on Periscope, etc.. and there is a reason so many successful coaches and thought leaders, aka Oprah, practice mindset work. It works! Anytime I’m feeling discouraged in my business, or in life, and need a recheck I go back to my mindset work. Now, mindset work can come in different forms. For me personally it is a brief 10 minute meditation, visualization and listening to mindful books. A fun little tip for us 9 to 5ers with a commute, Audiobooks is my jam and allows you to complete mindset work to and from work.

Whatever form of mindset work you choose it is important to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day. When you are going through a slump or lack of motivation I would recommend 15 minutes morning and night, for a total of 30. In the morning take time to set the tone for the day, turn to what inspires you whether that is a book or webinar, check in with yourself and what you are feeling and look at that vision board. In the evening take some time to check in on yourself. Mindset work can help you uncover the blocks that are keeping you stuck and discouraged. Remind yourself WHY you are doing what you are doing!

3.  Make a Plan

Ok, so your desires are in place and you feel very clear on what is blocking you and inspired to move forward - now let’s make a plan. I’m a list girl, I truly am, there is nothing better than crossing something off the list, but this is an action plan.

Write down how you are going to reach those desires, what shifts you need in your business, what you need to outsource so you can focus more on bringing in income and then put a date/deadline on it. It’s amazing how our whole outlook shifts when we have deadlines in place. Next to the deadline write how you are going to celebrate. This last step makes it real, it allows you to visualize your success! Now every time you are feeling discouraged check in on that plan and take it one day at a time.

I hope these three tips were helpful for you. If you are looking for support and a safe place to answer any questions feel free to request access to our exclusive Facebook group, Authentic Brand Builders. Every week I will be answering questions in a Facebook Live stream exclusively for the group.

Be Merry!