You haven’t always been so connected to your purpose and on this specific path. In the beginning, you struggled to figure out what it was all about, maybe you were doing things that weren't in alignment with your greatest purpose (you know what things I'm talking about)!

It took a moment or a series of moments (maybe tragic) that led you to your rebirth. Think the Phoenix rising from the ashes, this is you lady and you came out stronger than ever before.

Now that you’ve been through the transformation, you’ve faced the demons within and are living a life of purpose you feel so drawn to serve women on the other side, but just like you in that very moment, they don’t see that the path they are on isn’t their true calling.

This can be some of the most powerful, but also the most difficult type of marketing when it comes to sharing your message and brand with the world.

Your marketing

Your brand story serves the purpose of showing your audience that they are currently on the hamster wheel and it is through your marketing, through your strong messaging, that your audience recognizes the struggle within. This type of marketing can be the hardest because you must fully embrace your vulnerability.

One of the best ways to share this brand story is to be real and raw with your audience about what your life was like before your rebirth or awakening - this can be difficult but will result in the best relationship with your audience. 

Remember, your audience might not have yet experienced their rebirth story and won’t until they hear your personal message and are pulled from the hamster wheel or path they are currently on. 

It's crucial that you understand your audience. This will allow you to be more vulnerable and share more openly your story without fear of judgment (I mean it will be there a little, but it's always present). When you truly understand who your audience is and why they need to hear your personal story, yes even the not so great parts, your message will resonate even more strongly.

Using your own brand story you can shine a spotlight on your ideal clients' current situation and inspire them to make a change. It will be important for you to understand your client's struggles and to be able to connect with them exactly where they are, paint a picture of what life will be if they continue on this path and support them in initiating their own change.


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HEY there, i'm michelle!

I wanted an AUTHENTIC brand when I started my business, but instead I SPENT EIGHT MONTHS CREATING A BRAND THAT left me feeling uninspired, unmotivated and not confident in my ability to get paying clients.


I tried so hard to mimic what everyone else was doing in their business, spent tons of time trying to finalize my colors and fonts (which took way longer than I ever want to admit), studied how people were posing for their brand photos and what props they were using, that I seriously lost sight of who I was in the process.


When I took a step back, got in touch with my story I was able to effortlessly redo my website in just three days, choose my fonts and colors within hours and had the most amazing, authentic photo shoot that shared my personality!

From there my brand messages, copy, content and offerings started to reflect what made me, well, me! And people started to notice.

I began signing clients regularly, was asked to guest speak about the power of a personal brand on multiple occasions and I started building a community that wanted exactly what I was offering - no gimmicks, no tricks, just authenticity.

Since that change I've been able to sign consistent clients into my 1:1 program, build a successful group program, help hundreds of women find their voice to create stand out brands for their business and created a 6-figure business in just one year! 

Now, I work with female entrepreneurs to create an authentic, captivating and money-making brand through the power of story.

I love supporting women at various stages of their business who share one common goal - creating an authentic brand that allows them to show up as they are, build a loyal community and experience time, financial and location freedom as a result of their work.