Passport to Freedom is a 90 day one-on-one coaching program, completely tailored to you. It is for the woman who knows she is destined to make an impact!

How would it feel to have control over your time and schedule and say buh bye to stress

To be financially secure that you have money to save, travel and live your life of freedom without worry?

To develop the mindset to attract your ideal client and the success we both know you deserve?

To feel on top of your shit when it comes to getting your message out into the world through your branding, website and social media?

I'm here to tell you all of that, and so much more is possible. I know because I've been there.

In order to finally live freely you have to let go of your fear of failure and know you have the power. Ditch this idea that you aren't meant for success cause you totally are and dig deep to uncover what is truly holding you back from your life of freedom.

At the beginning of my journey I had an idea, a desire and the ambition, what I didn't have was a plan. I wandered in and out, but could never truly commit to anything.

I had a fear of failure and a huge lack of self-confidence in my self and what I had to offer and I was not clear on my story. I was stuck in a phase of comparing myself to others and worrying too much about the aesthetics and systems of my business and not my purpose!

Can you relate? I bet you can!

You know you are destined for so much more in this world and you just need help reaching new heights. Trust me when I tell you I have been where you are and I know you have the power in you to change the course of your future.

I know that right now you are working really hard, I get it, cause I’ve been in your shoes.

>> You are struggling with making time to fit it all in, juggling your 9 to 5, business and your personal life.

>> You are trying to just figure out social media, email marketing and getting your message out into the universe.

>> You have dreams of feeling financially secure with a savings account, money to travel and income to spend on your life of freedom, but aren’t there yet.

Hey there, I’m Michelle. I am a branding and freedom success coach and cofounder of Brandmerry. I empower female entrepreneurs to own their story, build a brand around it and get their message out into the world and to those that need it most; all while living life freely. I was just like you once, I knew I was destined for so much more than what I was doing. I didn’t have a horrible life, by any means, in fact my life was so full of love. What I didn’t have was freedom. I dreamed of being my own boss, traveling the world with my husband and son and being in control of my time and energy.

Just like you I’ve had my fair share of struggles. I’ve made poor choices in my life which ultimately lead to me just coasting through my early 20’s. It wasn’t until my little brother was diagnosed with cancer that I had a complete wake up call.

Watching my brother fight for his life, made me quickly realize I was wasting mine.

I made a promise to him and myself that I would no longer sit by the sidelines and let my life pass me by. I was taking back control and writing my own destiny from here on out. From the moment I made the switch in my mind everything changed. I attracted the most amazing, selfless and inspirational man as my husband, finished college learning something I was so passionate about, traveled the world, developed a design business with my husband and created our dream home. All of this only happened because I admitted to myself that I was ready for a change!

In December 2015 we welcomed our little boy into this world. As I lay there taking care of my sweet boy I couldn’t imagine wasting another day.

I had already changed the course of my life so much, but I was ready for more -

I was ready to finally live freely!

So often I had let others tell me what my life should look like. That I should work 9 to 5, travel only once a year, save my money and ultimately just survive. But I was so ready in that moment with my son to stop surviving and start thriving. I had slowly been gaining momentum for years and I knew that THIS was it.

I invested in a group coaching program and ultimately hired my own high-level coach. Everything started to change and I began to find the true value in life. My life seemed lighter! Every day I woke up knowing, in my very soul, that I was on the right track. Sure there were struggles, I was ultimately raising a new baby, building a business that lit me up and working 9 to 5, but the work I put in to change my mindset was the turning point.

I became friends with money, no longer fearing its success or failure.

I became open to the Universe and all that I was capable of acquiring.

I became truly happy in my life and it was reflected in my relationships.

I became the woman I was always intended to be!

I know deep in my core that everyone has a story to tell, a message that someone, somewhere needs to here. I'm also a free spirit and believe that everyone deserves to life their own life of freedom.

Now I’m on a personal journey to empower women to own their own story and to share that freedom with women like you. I’m also pretty business savvy! I have a bachelors in public relations and have dedicated my adult life to helping businesses level up their communications. From social media to copywriting, media work to branding - I have studied, implemented and taught it all.

I have a strong passion for branding and most importantly staying true to your authentic voice throughout the process. I struggled with listening to my own inner dialogue and comparing myself to others early in my journey. I've done the work and now I'm here to help others create their truer than true brand. 

My signature program Passport to Freedom...

is a 1:1 completely tailored to you coaching package! It’s for female entrepreneurs & small business owners who are ready to create their life of freedom. I not only help you uncover what has been holding you back from major success, but also map out your personal road to freedom. Together we create a truly authentic brand that will help you become seen, heard and understood in your industry. I also throw in my training in social media, website design, marketing and PR to give you that next level sh*t so you can create your desired income and free up your schedule to spend time on what matters most!

This program is for you if:

  • You want to run your own business and be your own boss.
  • You want to get your message out into the world and make an impact in the lives of others.
  • You are ready to say bye bye to your 9 to 5 (and that commute).
  • You desire to feel secure in your financial situation and not stress about every single purchase you make.
  • You want to spend time with your family and friends and be completely present in the moment.
  • You dream of making more than enough money in your business to support your life of freedom.
  • You wish to dedicate more time to yourself and your self care.
  • You want a brand and website you don't have to update every six months because it was built with your story in mind.
  • You dream of traveling the world wherever and whenever you please.
  • You want to feel confident in your messaging and brand, knowing you are staying true to your authentic self along the way.
  • You want to completely own social media and market your business to the right people
  • You wish to free yourself from negative beliefs holding you back in your business and in life.
  • You are ready to welcome success with open arms and rid yourself of your fear of failure.
  • You want to stop apologizing for wanting more.

I’m an adventure seeker. I believe that you have the power to achieve so much success. Because of this I offer so much more than just mindset work, branding and website. I share with you my insights into social media, marketing, business strategy and public relations. I ultimately want you to feel so secure in your brand and business that you have zero reservations about putting yourself out there.


I map it out. Starting your own business is no easy task, I’d be lying if I told you it was easy breezy, but what I can tell you is it is possible. Together we map out a course of action every week to hold you accountable and keep you moving forward, not staying stagnant.


I’m your partner. We might never take a vacation together, but I will be your travel partner throughout this journey. I make you a top priority and bring my A game to every call. I know from experience you can't do the story work or welcome success, money and ultimately freedom if you are still holding yourself back. I will support you throughout all parts of your journey, even the difficult ones.

>> Uncover your personal story so you can build a signature brand and business that allows you to stand out in a saturated market.

>> Learn exactly what fears have been keeping you stuck for years and develop techniques that work for you to address your fears and no longer fall victim to the same cycle.

>> Silence your inner critic and boost your self-confidence so you can put your business and message out into the world and attract your dream clients.

>> Nail down your niche so your messaging is communicated more clearly and your ideal client feels as though you are talking directly to them, addressing their fears and limitations and help them get results.

>> Say goodbye to the money blocks you’ve been holding on to for years and switch your mindset so that the money flows in instead of out.

>> Develop the confidence to share your story and message with the world, by utilizing the power of social media, to gain visibility around your authentic self.

>> Gain the ability to rid yourself of overwhelm and have the confidence when it comes to handling the techy stuff so you can build and automate your business.

>> Create a step by step 90 day action plan for your business and develop techniques to better prioritize your life so you are constantly moving forward in your business.

>> Create balance in your life and business to better manage your time so you can build your empire without neglecting your family and self-care along the way.

>> Build a website that is on brand for your business, speaks directly to your ideal client and their needs and is easy to maintain and update, so you can spend less time on the logistics and more time making money.

>> Become crystal clear on exactly who your ideal client is and what limitations they are currently facing, so you can develop offerings that meet their exact needs.

>> Develop one of a kind messaging that allows your true voice to shine through, compliments your personal brand and attracts clients that are illuminated by your story.


>> Ultimately create a business where you are in control of your time and energy and allows you to finally live your life of freedom.

How does coaching work?

  • You book a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call with me.
  • We talk about your life of freedom and discover if a coaching relationship would be a good fit for the two of us.
  • You will invest in your coaching package. We develop a payment plan if necessary and I will send over an invoice and contract to finalize all the details of our agreement.
  • We decide on a weekly schedule that works for us and we hold our meetings via Skype.
  • You will complete the Welcome Packet to become crystal clear on your goals.
  • Every week we meet to discuss what is needed for your business, uncover what is holding you back and develop a plan of action moving forward.

Here's what's included...

>> 12 weekly calls with me (60 minutes long) where we map out your road to freedom

>> Unlimited email access so you feel 100% supported throughout your journey

>> Resources to support you and help you uncover more

Your Investment


Bonuses include:

2 Extra Sessions (14 total)

+ Group programs and trainings happening in 2017


Payment plans available

Together we  will give you the momentum you desire to reach your life of freedom. Ditch your fear of failure and welcome your success with open arms. Become crystal clear on your ideal client and how to best reach and market your messaging to attract them. And build your confidence in technology to share your voice via your website, social media, webinars, Facebook ads and more.

Passport to Freedom is a journey we will go on together and together we will build a business that completely lights you up and welcomes your life of freedom.

You've made it this far so what is holding you back? If you are still unsure or have questions about how this program can help you reach your goals then let's have a chat. Book a discovery call with me so I can answer any questions you may have about the program, my process as a coach or payment plan options.