Overcoming the Monster

Lady, I get it you’ve overcome internal doubts, fears, monsters and/or experienced it from outside yourself (i.e. people putting their crap in your way and trying to influence the way you should be living your life). You’ve come out the other side of what feels like a fight and now you want to empower others so they know it’s possible for them too. Your story is that of a true underdog - think David from David and Goliath!

You’re all about inspiring your audience by sharing WHAT IS POSSIBLE. You’ve struggled and overcome some serious sh*t and because of that, because of your underdog story, you connect with so many others, who are in the same boat.

Using story in your marketing, especially this type of story is a beautiful way to inspire your audience and motivate them to keep going, to face those fears and tap into their inner strength.

Your marketing

One of the best ways to share this type of story with your audience is to connect to where they currently are and paint a picture of what is possible for them. I absolutely love the “I’ve been there too!” story for your brand. It’s about your trials and tribulations and the process you’ve gone through to get where you are now (successes and failures combined - think transformation).

The more you can connect with your audience regarding the monster they are facing (i.e. fears, outside criticism, doubts, etc) the better you will build trust with your audience and as a result gain clients. This requires a good amount of vulnerability on your part because you need to be able to make that connection with your audience, by tapping back into where you were before you "overcame the monster".

The more vulnerable you are about your own journey and HOW you’ve overcome it and come out on the other side the more of an “expert” status you will have in your industry.

Another crucial role to play with your audience is to not just empower them so they believe they can do it too, but to also know they can turn to you for support (hello coaches I’m talking to you!) Think about yourself during this journey, who did you turn to? What made the biggest difference to you? Show your audience, don’t just tell them, that you are there to support them!


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HEY there, i'm michelle!

I wanted an AUTHENTIC brand when I started my business, but instead I SPENT EIGHT MONTHS CREATING A BRAND THAT left me feeling uninspired, unmotivated and not confident in my ability to get paying clients.


I tried so hard to mimic what everyone else was doing in their business, spent tons of time trying to finalize my colors and fonts (which took way longer than I ever want to admit), studied how people were posing for their brand photos and what props they were using, that I seriously lost sight of who I was in the process.


When I took a step back, got in touch with my story I was able to effortlessly redo my website in just three days, choose my fonts and colors within hours and had the most amazing, authentic photo shoot that shared my personality!

From there my brand messages, copy, content and offerings started to reflect what made me, well, me! And people started to notice.

I began signing clients regularly, was asked to guest speak about the power of a personal brand on multiple occasions and I started building a community that wanted exactly what I was offering - no gimmicks, no tricks, just authenticity.

Since that change I've been able to sign consistent clients into my 1:1 program, build a successful group program, help hundreds of women find their voice to create stand out brands for their business and created a 6-figure business in just one year! 

Now, I work with female entrepreneurs to create an authentic, captivating and money-making brand through the power of story.

I love supporting women at various stages of their business who share one common goal - creating an authentic brand that allows them to show up as they are, build a loyal community and experience time, financial and location freedom as a result of their work.