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You + The Universe Mastermind


The perfect combination of strategy and mindset with double the support to advance your business with ease


We Know Right Now You...

Don't have enough time in the day to get it all done. Your business is demanding and honestly you feel like you are just spinning your wheels trying to stay on top of social media, new content and getting clients.

Feel in complete feast or famine mode! Every single month you set monetary goals and you constantly find yourself wondering if you will make it happen this month. You find yourself desperately searching for clients rather than the other way around.

You have BIG plans for your life and business, that's why you started this in the first place, but you desperately need a clear direction on how to make all those dreams your reality. You keep asking yourself what's next?

Are struggling with overwhelm - wondering if this is still the path you should continue on in your business. You've done the website, you have the brand, you show up online and you've gotten a few clients, but now you're struggling truly believing your next step IS possible.

You've done the "big" launch, put the work into designing a website and have your service and products in place. You've created the sales pages, the private group and are showing up as much as possible online. Maybe, you've even had a few clients here and there, but things still aren't working out the way you had planned.


We Totally Understand...

because we've been right where you are now.

This isn't some distance memory for us, in fact we can both vividly remember feeling the EXACT same way and thinking the same thoughts you are in this very moment:

  • Wondering if we were on the right path, did we make the right decision to leave our 9 to 5's
  • Desperately searching for the answers on what to do next for our business
  • Feeling lost about how to best utilize our mindset and the power of the Universe to advance our business in a way that felt authentic
  • Doing anything and everything we could think of to get clients, including pricing our services much lower than their value
  • AND, if we are being totally honest here, contemplating throwing in the towel all together

So what changed for us? We each realized we had to tap into another part of our selves that was not yet acting to its full potential. Once we combined the strategy and tools with the mindset and manifesting power everything started to click for us! By tapping into our own worth, acknowledging the power of our stories and leaning on the Universe for guidance and support, we discovered it was possible to have the business of our dreams.


In just a little over a year we've been able to:

✔️ Hit 5 figure months in sales (doubling and tripling out corporate income). 

✔️ Launch a book and hit #1 bestseller in three categories. 

✔️ Travel the world while launching products and signing new clients.

✔️ Completely booking out our 1:1 coaching programs multiple times.

✔️ Been seen on major news networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX and featured on podcasts and guest blogs.

✔️ Manifest random checks in the mail, our dream coaches, scholarships and more.

✔️ Raise our prices multiple times in one year and fill the program each time. 

✔️ Wake up to money and sales in our inboxes by creating multiple passive/residual income streams. 

✔️ Train under top leading mindset, life, branding, marketing and business coaches in the industry.

✔️ Automate many facets of our business, allowing us to work less hours and make more money, while spending additional quality time with our families.



Five figure months that just seem to happen with very little effort or stress on your part.

The time and the energy to create new and exciting content for your community without dealing with the overwhelm that comes with a limited schedule.

A consistent stream of ideal clients who are eager to invest after just finding you online.

To have the confidence to trust that this is your path and you have everything you need to have a lasting impact in this world, while also living on purpose.

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To effortlessly attract your dream clients who are willing and eager to invest in your services (no matter the price point).

To feel supported in your own story, your own purpose, by the Universe and the ones you love.

To trust whole-heartedly that this is your path and you are destined to make a difference in this world.


You + The Universe

A 12-week Mastermind For the female entrepreneur ready to take her business to the next level by amping up her mindset + strategy so she can streamline her efforts, get more clients and hit her income goals (no matter how lofty they may be).


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weeks 1 & 2

Tap into Your Full Potential and Set BIG Attainable Goals for Your Business

  • Connect with your intuition to become clear and specific on your desires to create a well-balanced and productive business.

  • Learn the goal setting strategy that allows you to better plan ahead in your business, so you are no longer in “what should I do now” mentality and can cross more things off your master to do list.

weeks 3 & 4

Build Your Personal Brand that Stands Out Online and Feel Confident AF in Sharing It

  • Become clear on you true purpose, mission, and personal story and convey that through your branding.

  • Learn the strategies and tools around creating a brand that will captivate your ideal client and have you stand out in a sea of entrepreneurs.

weeks 5 & 6

Create Your Strong Mindset and Dream Schedule as Business Owner

  • Build a consistent mindset practice using tools and resources that complement your daily schedule as a female entrepreneur.

  • Learn the top scheduling tools and structures that allow you to do more in less time and remove the feeling of overwhelm so you can experience true time freedom.

weeks 7 & 8

Learn How to Combine Manifesting and Strategy to Attract Ideal Clients

  • Learn what manifesting is and Ginger’s nine step process to attract your ideal clients who are ready to invest, allowing you to meet your monthly income goals with ease.

  • Break down EXACTLY what is needed to understand your ideal client and get in touch with their emotions to attract those who are ready to pay for your services.

weeks 9 & 10

Give Yourself a Worthiness Boost to Create Messaging that Attracts Your Ideal Client

  • Understand how self-love, worthiness, and joy play a vital role in building your confidence around sharing your message and establish a deep connection with your audience.

  • Gain message clarity and learn the strategy to create foundational brand messages that are in alignment with your purpose and personal story.

weeks 11 & 12

Overcome What is Keeping You Stuck Visibly so you can build your list and community

  • Uncover fears and blocks around being seen and heard online and develop practices to bust through them.  

  • Learn the strategies and tools to best gain visibility online that take little time, zero overwhelm, and helps build your community.

The 12-week Mastermind kicks off on June 5 and runs through the end of August

This isn't your typical mastermind!

Not only will we have the "traditional" bi-weekly group calls of a mastermind, where you can get all your juicy questions answered, but we will also support you in providing two modules bi-weekly that perfectly compliment each other, one for mindset and one for strategy, bonus materials and of course not one, but two, coaches to turn to for accountability, guidance and a little ass kickery.

This experience is about making great shit happen and feeling supported while completely taking your business to the next level.

"I highly recommend that you hire Michelle to help you with your website and creating your brand. She is super knowledgeable, fun to work with and totally there for you when you need her. I was really nervous about investing in her program but it was really the best decision I could have made. I've added 6 new clients since working with her!"

Tani morgan, the high vibe lady, founder of

"Ginger has really helped me expand my idea of what is possible. I started out with a very small world in many ways and a lot of fear. I replaced that fear with love using the affirmations and positive manifestation techniques that I learned from Ginger. They are practical and easy for me to use in everyday life. I truly feel that Ginger cares about me and my aspirations which is key in a life coach."

Megan Reilly, Branding Consultant, Copywriter and Founder of

"I highly recommend working with Michelle for her talent for really getting what I’m trying to say, crafting my words into meaningful messages, and her ability to push me without being pushy. With Michelle’s help I’ve been able to get more visible online, grow my Facebook group, run monthly challenges, and am working on some really exciting offerings and programs! It is nice to have a guide who understands the path and challenges of a busy mampreneur!

LIsa Fox Bail - Health and Wellness Coach

"Before I started working with Ginger Marie I had no idea what an affirmation or manifesting was. Once she taught me, I took off with it, and it's working! I have noticed positive changes not only within myself but in my relationships, career, and how I approach my business. I’m able to go through life with an abundance of happiness and positivity energy. Life just seems more peaceful. She opened my eyes to a whole new outlook. I look forward to what the rest of my life has in store for me. "

Tina Marie Lewis, Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant


  • Support from two coaches!!
  • 6 calls held bi-weekly with both coaches (yes double the support!)

  • 12 modules designed to give you equal parts strategy and mindset around advancing your business.

  • Private Facebook community for continued support in between our sessions.

  • Special invitation to an inclusive retreat hosted by Ginger & Michelle (details to come).

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Plus, these amazing bonuses...


(VALUE: $357)

Over the past year, I've built three, yes three of my own websites, using the Squarespace platform and helped numerous clients brand their own. In the process, I've taught myself how to code and customize the site to my liking. I'm sharing all of the custom codes and video tutorials, so you can create the website of your dreams to match your authentic brand and attract your paying clients.

BONUS #2: Exclusive training with unique relationship mentor valerie greene

(VALUE: $157)

Being an entrepreneur is hard work and can sometimes be kind of lonely. Whether you are struggling with getting your spouse on board with the woo woo mindset stuff, supporting you financially, experiencing mom guilt or trying to connect with your friends, we know every entrepreneur needs healthy, thriving relationships to be successful. Valerie will share how you can thrive as a business owner and still feel in touch with your relationships.

BONUS #3: Private Facebook Community (Value: Priceless)

Be supported by a community of women who are facing the same fears, challenges and excitement as you in your business. Be able to lean on and be inspired by others who have the same dreams and goals for your business! The community is priceless when it comes to building a successful business and this intimate group of women will be able to support you on the journey ahead.

Two options to choose from:


one payment of $2,499

3 payments of $900



✔️  60-minute 1:1 session with Ginger Marie

✔️  60 minute 1:1 session with Michelle Knight


3 payments of $1,100


Ginger Marie

Ginger Marie is the founder of Life Coach Ginger Marie and the private community I Choose Bliss. She is also a Best Selling Author, Life Coach, Angel Card Reader and Yoga Teacher.

She helps women who are searching for a deeper level of happiness and self-love to find self-acceptance, power in their thoughts, and happiness in the present moment, so that they can feel financially free, fiercely confident, and in control of their lives..

Two years ago, Ginger Marie was on a mission to find happiness. She believed that meeting the right guy, getting the perfect job, and making more money would bring the happiness she was desperately seeking. Instead it had the opposite effect, leaving her feeling lost and confused.

After hiring a coach and discovering a new way of thinking, Ginger Marie completely changed her life. By becoming deliberate with her thoughts and learning to manifest, she was able to met her soul mate and get engaged, double her income, build her own life coaching business and leave her corporate job within six months, finish her yoga teacher training, and write her first Best Selling book, Your Weekly Guide to Bliss.

Ginger Marie believes self-love and happiness are key to creating your dream life. By noticing her thoughts and thinking positively, she shifted her perception of the world and learned to love herself more deeply. This allowed her to create a miracle mindset and be able to manifest all of her desires.

Michelle Knight

Michelle Knight is the founder of Brandmerry as a Branding and Business Coach and the private community Authentic Brand Builders. She is also a mother, wife, world traveler and storyteller.

She works with female entrepreneurs who are tired of just surviving in their jobs to create a stand out brand for their business so they can create their desired income and free up time in their schedule to spend it on what matters most.

In just nine months Michelle built her business and left her 9 to 5 so she could spend more time home with her son and have more flexbility to travel the world with her family. In just three months of launching her business Michelle made over $15k with a list of less than 100 women and in six months Michelle sold out her high-priced coaching program, doubled her prices and had a five figure sales month, all while taking multiple trips and working less than five days a week.

Michelle has worked with top coaches in the industry who are making consistent six and seven figure months. The combination of coaching and her background in public relations and communications makes Michelle a go to coach for gaining visibility online and sharing your message with the world while also making the money you so deeply desire.

Michelle believes in storytelling and using the chapters of your life in creating a brand and message that is in alignment with your true purpose. Getting sh*t done is kind of her thing and she empowers her clients to do the same without having to work more or get burnt out in the process. She believes that a business can be built on trust and strong relationships and doesn't have to feel salesly or inauthenntic.

F.A. Q's

When is the mastermind officially starting?

We kick off the 12-week mastermind on Monday, June 5 with your first two modules which will be live for you in the membership site.

What time are the bi-weekly calls?

The bi-weekly call times will take place via Zoom, but we want to make sure the times chosen work for the women in the program so after registering each woman will fill out a survey and we will pick the time that works best for time zones and such. We know you are all very busy women so we will also take questions in the private FB community before to be answered on the call and record each session!

What is the structure of this mastermind?

Every other week you will receive two modules/ audio or video that compliment each other perfectly and support you in one area of your business - one on mindset and one on strategy. The following week we will have a live call with both Ginger and Michelle and the wonderful women in the mastermind to answer any questions that came up for you while working through the modules and the opportunity for 1:1 coaching. The private FB group will also be open to ask any questions and receive answers during the 12-week program.

Will there be an Orientation call?

The Orientation Call will be held on Wednesday, May 31 @ 6pm CST/ 4pm PST to walk through the structure of the mastermind, the membership site and how you can get the most bang during the program.

I'm wondering if this program is for me - any insight?

To be 100% honest with you this program is for any female entrepreneur (MLM's included) who is not making the money she dreamed of making in her business and is ready to seriously take it up a notch! Both Ginger and Michelle have found that when this moment happens for entrepreneurs, including ourselves, there are a few foundational pieces that are missing. We've designed this program to streamline and amp up those foundational pieces so you can take your business to the next level, streamline your efforts, get more clients and hit her income goals.