The Thriving Entrepreneur Summit

make 2017 the year you absolutely thrive in life and business

Note: There is only one interview, but two options for your listening pleasure

Sofie Von Marricks is the founder of Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch. She is a life and business stylist for women that want a brand and business that truly stands out and has next-level success.

Her best selling program "Love Your Brand Bitch" has helped women from a wide variety of backgrounds (everything from coaching to food blogging to social media experts) become their own bosses and monetize their passions, while looking damn good doing it!

Sofie helps women create careers that they love, embrace the hottest + richest version of themselves, and step into their power as a women that is meant to make a difference in the world. As a branding expert with an exceptional eye for what stands out and sells, she lives to bring every woman's unique personal brand out from within. As a speaker, coach, strategist and digital entrepreneur, Sofie's sole mission is to guide women to live a life of fun and luxurious freedom on their own terms.