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Tapping into Your Desires & Giving Yourself Permission


In today's blog post, I'm sharing a recent video I did on your desires as a women, mother and business owner.

In a year I watched all my desires come to reality, and then I struggled to admit my new desires out of a fear of appearing selfish. I'm sharing the questions you need to ask yourself to tap into your deepest desires and give yourself permission to experience pleasure over "just enough".

Last year when starting my business I created a list of desires, that although exciting, seemed a bit out of my reach - but that's the fun part of listing your desires. Over the past 1.5 years I've found myself living the life I desired in January 2016.

  • Leaving my 9 to 5
  • Spending my days with my son
  • Taking multiple trips throughout the year with my family
  • Working from anywhere I choose
  • Building a community of women with a strong purpose and mission
  • Spreading my message

As I've hit this new milestone in my business, I found myself having a hard time thinking about my NEW desires and fear crept in. What would my community think of me? What would my family and friends think of me?

Would me admitting that I wanted to fly first class, because it looks damn comfy, of having an in-home nanny make me seem selfish? In today's video I'm walking you through my own process, PLUS giving you questions to ask yourself in order to connect with and believe your deepest desires.

Key Takeaways From Today's Video:

  • It's not about "just enough", when we reach higher for our desires our needs are instantly met. Are you creating desires around "just enough" and holding yourself back from dreaming big?
  • You don't have to separate your desires between Need vs. Want - it's about giving yourself permission to experience pleasure every single day.
  • Are you holding yourself back because you are afraid of appearing selfish? The reality is it is your RIGHT to life your deepest desires and by doing so you are more capable of spreading good and doing good in the world.
  • Stepping into the energy of your pleasures is the first step in achieving your goals. We limit ourselves by saying we don't "need" something, when deep down it is one of our strongest desires.
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Facing Your Fears {Surface-level Shit}

Whether you have a fear of heights, water, public speaking (which if this is you you definitely need to watch my free webinar replay) or something else - it is time to start facing those surface level fears and stop letting them dictate your power.

I personally have always had a fear of heights.

You would never find me standing near a ledge, jumping off rocks or really even going in elevators at a young age. My husband on the other hand, most definitely does not have a fear of heights. It’s not uncommon to see him scaling rocks with absolutely no equipment or jumping off of 40-foot waterfall in Costa Rica; yeah I almost had a heart attack with that one.

When we started dating he was constantly pushing me and pushing me and pushing me to face my fear of heights, but I was not budging. I remember a time in Yosemite when we were there with his whole family and they were all jumping off this rock into the water. I was so scared, but I eventually climbed up the rock, already hard enough on its own, and waited to jump. Needless to say I ended up in tears, climbed down a little bit and jumped off a lower rock. It’s hard to explain, but the feeling I get when I am on the edge of something is an all-encompassing feeling in my whole entire body that the worst is about to happen.

So why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because I know you can relate. I bet there is a surface level fear you are dealing with that is holding you back in your everyday life.

That rock in Yosemite made me realize that I was sitting back on a lot of fun adventures because I was letting my fear consume me. From then on I made it a point to try one thing that scared me every year when we took our annual anniversary vacation. Since Yosemite in 2012 I’ve walked across a rope bridge in Ireland, stood at the edge of Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, zip lined in Oregon, stood in the glass case at the Sears Tower, hiked to the top of a waterfall in Costa Rica and just recently went indoor rock climbing with my husband. Each one of these experiences has made me get out of my comfort zone and pushed me past my limits - and each of these experiences has carried over into my everyday life.

I’m becoming more adventurous in my decisions, in taking chances and yes, in climbing to the top!

Facing Your Fears:

  • Helps you grow as an individual and business owner

  • Makes you feel as if you can accomplish anything (especially if it is a fear you've held on to for years)

  • Teaches you that YOU have the power

  • Gives you a new perspective on life and what you've been holding back from

That’s the trick with facing your fears at the surface level, it opens up the opportunity for new possibilities you might normally ignore out of fear. I want you to remember that every small step you take every chance that you have to face these fears is really a chance for a new beginning.

By facing our fears a little bit at a time we are slowly breaking away the layers that are holding us back.

Be Merry!

If you are ready to stop living your life in fear and reach to make drastic changes in you life and business, then now is the time to book a discovery call with me. let's chat for 30 minutes about where you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there >>

Let's Talk Motivation

I hear from so many people in our private Facebook group, Authentic Brand Builders, that they often feel unmotivated. I felt it was time I addressed this issue and the belief that we as humans lack motivation.

To begin I want to share with you that, 

"You have the time, the energy and the resources to achieve what you desire to achieve."

How to stay motivated and achieve your goals

It's important to note that if you truly have a desire to achieve something or live a certain way, then that right there should be all the motivation you need. It's really not a matter of not being motivated. Many people look at the surface issue, which is most often an issue of time. They feel there isn't enough time in the day to get things done, so they fall of the wagon or lose motivation. It's important to remember that you have the same amount of time as the most successful people in the World - Yeah, I know right?!

If this desire is truly the life you want to create then it should be top priority and whatever needs to be done to get there will be done.

If you feel time is an issue you need to evaluate where your time is being spent.  You are the controller of your life and your time. If someone invites you to something and it doesn't serve you, then don't go. If you find you are spending time on mundane tasks that are not in your zone of genius, then you need to outsource. An example would be if you are spending three hours cleaning your home, then hire someone to clean your home and allow yourself three more hours to work on your business.

If this seems scary then break it down $ for $.

Say you charge $50/hr for your services and you spend three hours cleaning. If you hired someone to clean, you would spend around $90 total for cleaning, but you would be able to work for three additional hours and make $150. So really you are selling yourself short and stealing from yourself by not outsourcing. In addition to the $150 you are also most likely developing something that will bring in more money and reducing your stress level. WIN!

Do a time analysis and see where your time is going and where you can outsource certain tasks.

Now, after we have addressed the surface issue of time, let's take a deeper look at this underlying issue that is keeping you from feeling motivated. How are you sabotaging yourself in regards to achieving your dreams? There is an underlying issue here, something you are subconsciously telling yourself or a belief that you have that is keeping you from doing so. It could be a lack of confidence or a fear of this new life of freedom. 

You could be battling with putting yourself out there, afraid you might annoy people or people might not like you. You could be worried or fearful about this new life you are creating. You spent your whole life creating this life and are scared of how your relationships, friendship, etc. might change with this new life.

Whatever it is that you are facing; figure out what that issue is and address this - cause it is not a motivation issue. It's important to remember that you have the time, energy and resources to achieve all of your desires.

So, what is holding you back?

Get this word "unmotivated" out of your head - you are either going to do it or not going to do it! Seriously, if you are planning to leave your job you don't half ass it. Don't just say I would like to leave my job, say I'm leaving my job and put a date on it.

Make it a non-negotiable for your life of freedom. If you say you are going to do it, you will find the time, the energy and the resources to do so.

If your facing this issue of feeling "unmotivated" then I encourage you to dive deep and discover what the underlying belief might be and rid it of your mind.

Be Merry!