Branding and Business Coach for online female entrepreneurs


Create One of a Kind Messaging for Your Brand

In this 37-minute video training + bonus workbook I'm teaching you how to start attracting your amazing clients online by creating messaging that stands out. With this training + bonus workbook you'll learn: 

  • The simple method to create crystal clear messaging so you can constantly attract your dream clients.
  • How to become clear on what parts of your messaging should be highlighted and emphasized to set you apart from everyone else in your market.
  • How to discover what it is your ideal client is looking for and exactly how you can address that need in your messaging.
  • How to let your ideal clients into your personal struggles and challenges, while still offering value as an expert.
How to Find Your Ideal Clients Who Are Willing and Eager to Invest

In this 1 hour video training + bonus workbook I'm teaching you how to find your ideal client, speak directly to them and how to market your services to them. You'll:

  • Become clear on who exactly your ideal client is, what their limitations are and what they desire most, in order to speak directly to them.
  • Learn the top questions to ask in order to get the best results from your market research, and how to actually get people on the phone.
  • My top tool to get super specific as to who your ideal client is and why knowing this information is gold when it comes to marketing.
  • Why you need to get very specific and how being too broad will actually cause you to lose more money than you make.
How to Rock Your Next Live Video Training

In this 1 hour long video training + bonus checklist you'll have the resources you need to be clear and confident on your next live video. You'll learn:

  • How to better prepare yourself for live streams and reduce the feeling of overwhelm and "what if I'm not good enough" mentality.
  • How to structure your live streams to get your message across clearly, not overwhelm you audience and still have energy to make your sales pitch.
  • My top five tips to not look like a "hot mess express" on your next live stream and feel like you have your sh*t together.
  • How to seamlessly provide amazing value and then pitch your services at the end to get more of you ideal clients on the phone and making the investment.
Learn How to Become A Public Speaking Pro

In this 46-minute training I'm sharing all the secrets from my years in public speaking so you can feel cool and at your next event. You'll learn:

  • How to master your body language during your speech so you are able to pull your audience in and not distract them from the message you are sharing with them.
  • How to nail down your messaging so you are getting your point across in a clear and efficient way (aka not dragging on for hours and saying 'um' all the time).
  • How to prepare yourself before you even walk on stage and feel equipped to handle any unexpected events.
  • How to position yourself as the expert you are and feel 100% confident in the material you have to offer, so your audience walks away completely inspired.
Find Your Authentic Voice for Email Marketing training

In this 42-minute video training I'm showing you how to better connect with your audience and start building valuable relationships with your ideal clients. You'll learn:

  • Discover what your true voice and writing style is and how to carry that over into your everyday writing.
  • How to become clear on your messaging and learn to develop a tone that supports your overall message and purpose.
  • How to uncover your story and the various chapters in your life and implement that into your storytelling.
  • Create a system that allows you to create valuable relationships via email using your real-life experiences.
Create a True to You Brand

In this 1 hour video training I'm showing you how to rid yourself of comparisonitis and create a brand that is true you your authentic self. You'll learn:

  • How to stop worrying about what others are doing and focus on your personal story to attract your dream clients.
  • How to create a brand that is centered around your personal story and chapters you've been through.
  • How to keep ideal clients on your website and have them wanting even more by tapping into not only your personal story by also connecting to theirs.
  • How your branding impacts your messaging and overall success.