I'm so pumped you will be joining me on the Free To Be Podcast! I want to make sure you feel super prepared and pumped for the show, so I've created this resource to answer some of your questions right off the bat.

My goal is that this episode is more conversational than scripted, so while I've included some sample questions below we might not get to all of them throughout the interview.

However, there are two questions I will be asking that you can count on.

1) There will be an opportunity for you to share a Golden Nugget with the Free To Be audience. This will happen at the end of the interview and be your opportunity to share a tip, tool or piece of inspiration that audience members can take action on in their own lives. I'd love for this to be super specific and easily digestible.

2) At the end of the episode I will ask you, "What does freedom mean to you?" This will be the final part of the episode so please be prepared to answer this question.

At the time of the interview you will join me via video here:

Please note this is a video interview as well, I like to keep my options open when repurposing content.

The interview itself is typically 45 minutes long, I block off extra time though to get us warmed up and to make sure the tech is working.

Talking points and interview questions will be sent 48 hours prior to our scheduled time.

Additional information and resources can be found below.

Click the button below to find a PDF version of some of the questions we might cover and the order of the interview.

-Michelle Knight



Make sure that even if you don't have a fancy mic, you have headphones and a mic (even the Apple headphones/mic will do the trick)! Having headphones in keeps the sound from having an echo.

Note: if you are using the Apple headphones/mic, just make sure that you are actually holding the mic instead of letting it hang. When it rubs against your shirt, the mic picks up on that static and noise!


Close out of any programs that you won't be using. This will speed up your internet so it's not feeling like it has to refresh your Facebook feed every five seconds. This will ensure for better quality of the recording!


We will be on video and audio during the course of our interview through Zoom. Please join this room when our interview is scheduled to start:


I know things happen, and that's the beauty of being able to edit. However, there are some things you can do to ensure a smooth recording:

A quiet room, even your closet is perfect for noise quality. Also, don't forget to hit do not disturb on your computer and your phone!


After your interview we will chat about when your episode will be live. My team and I will send over all the graphics for you to use, including standard social media thumbnail, Pinterest image and Insta Story graphics, I'd absolutely love if you'd support the podcast by sharing your episode when it is live. You'll have everything you need!

In the mean time let me know if you have any questions and if were not already connected on Instagram, let's hang out!