we have known each other since we were little tykes. we were connected early on by michelle's brother, cj, who befriended ben in preschool. at the age of 18, cj was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away a little over a year later, at the age of 19. we quickly leaned on one another to get through the hardest time in our lives and that is where our love story began.

our lives forever changed from the moment we decided to embark on this thing called life together. we have made it our goal to never take a moment for granted, to spend time doing things that serve our souls and to never settle. this is why we have pursued our passion for design and became entrepreneurs so that we can better live our lives to their full potential.  

our design journey began while planning our wedding in the summer of 2012. we knew we wanted a very personal wedding, making sure that every detail was connected to us in some way - you could say we were building a brand :) we dug deep into our creative spirit and designed every piece, from the centerpieces to the hand-painted signs. but before any decorations could be created, we had to design our custom invitations.