Branding and Business Coach for online female entrepreneurs


cut through the online clutter with a message and story that has you standing out online and celebrate the financial freedom that follows!

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it's time to create your desired impact without sacrificing your worth, your family and losing your damn mind!

And, lady you're in the right place to make that happen!


I know you're ready to share your mission and purpose with the world.
To become an influencer in your industry, but right now you are...

  • On the struggle bus, it feels like you're doing #allthethings and experiencing very little growth and momentum.
  • Exhausted with a business that feels like it owns you.
  • Just dreaming of the days when your business gives you the freedom to save, travel and live your life of freedom without worry.
  • Ready for that next level of your business, but aren't sure how the heck to actually get there?
  • Struggling with what needs to happen to reach more people and grow your super-engaged community.
  • Feeling like you have absolutely no control over your time and schedule.
  • Constantly spinning your wheels and not crossing anything off the to-do list.
  • Struggling to bring in consistent income to support your deepest desires.

Your story doesn’t end here, hustling to make a couple thousand dollars, constantly trying to come up with a new idea to grow your community and hit your financial goals.

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Imagine a life where you are...

  • Celebrating $5k and $10k cash months as your new normal.
  • So clear on your brand messaging that content consistency flows.
  • Able to travel with your family, just you and your partner or solo to meet your entrepreneur sisters around the world.
  • The leader of a loyal tribe of individuals genuinely invested in you and your message.
  • Rocking weekly Facebook lives with higher engagement, more viewers and making sales immediately from your valuable content.
  • Consistently creating content that grows your community and allows you to have a massive impact.
  • Grounded in your story, your message and your worth.
  • Regularly featured as an expert on podcasts, blogs, major publications and more. 
  • Celebrating 6-figures plus revenue in one year of your business!
  • Selling your courses and programs to the masses (I'm talking 5-figure launches).
  • You are working less and MAKING MORE!


passport to freedom



THIS 6-month 1:1 experience includes:

12 private, bi-weekly, 60-minute coaching calls via Zoom.

1 90-minute strategy session to deep dive into the step-by-steps needed to create massive income in your biz.

Unlimited access to me via email and Voxer to get your questions answered between sessions for the entire 6 months.

Private client folder to house your content, copy and bonus materials provided to support you in your journey

BONUS: Access to Brand New Adventure and Roadmap to Freedom courses

BONUS: Access to all bonus and guest expert trainings from Roadmap to Freedom LIVE

branding and business coach

Why Passport to Freedom?


I’ve worked with my clients over the past year to develop a system that supports them in identifying the pieces of their story that will allow them to stand out in their industry.


Through this process you will build authentic relationships with your community that has them coming back for more, has them asking for the next level to work with you and has them referring you to friends and family.

It will allow you to create stand out messaging that has you selected for podcasts and guest blogging and positions you as the go-to expert in your industry. 

As a result of specificity and bomb dot com branding you'll be growing your audience, list and client roster but showing up and doing what you love!

This is what it’s all about and in the year of working in my coaching business and my over 5 years of working in communications and public relations, I know what is needed to support you in getting to that next level.

What is so beautiful about reaching that next level in your brand awareness is that the money will follow. you will be compensated for your time, for your energy and for your impact; allowing you to not only live a life of time, financial and location freedom, but know that you are freely living your life to it’s full potential.

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Working with Michelle was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. She transformed what I believe and know to be possible for anyone with big ambition and the need to help people. While working with Michelle, she not only encouraged me to speak out with my raw and honest voice but also gave me the tools I needed to build a platform that allows me to spread my message and make the impact I knew I was always meant to make. Invest in Michelle. She’s the whole package
— steph miller, thriving bohemians
I highly recommend that you hire Michelle to help you with your website and creating your brand. She is super knowledgeable, fun to work with and totally there for you when you need her. I was really nervous about investing in her program but it was really the best decision I could have made. I’ve gained 6 new clients since working with Michelle!
— Tani Morgan, High Vibe Mindset Lady
Michelle has this wraparound approach, that takes the whole person into consideration. It’s not just about tips and tricks for getting your wording right and everything. She helps you dig deep into who you are, who it is you are serving and why you are serving them in the way you are choosing to do so. It all becomes more meaningful and powerful, and it resonates with your ideal client and pulls people in because you are real and authentic, and it’s beautiful and wonderful. I’m so grateful to of found Michelle and to of started working and learning from her.
— Laure Froyen, Peaceful Parenting and Relationship Coach

I work with my clients in a variety of ways. If Passport to Freedom doesn't feel like the right fit let's chat to find a program to support your ultimate desires.

No more hard.

No more push, push,
push until you’re exhausted.

It’s time for aligned actions
that catapult your brand forward.


You know your were meant for so much more.

Your story and voice can impact hundreds, thousands, heck, millions and You’re ready for a platform to support it.

You know deep down your brand can be bigger than you originally imagined...

it's time to create your movement!


ONE year later my business hit 6 figures cash and I'm now on track to 3x my revenue, while expanding my visibility and expert status, all with a toddler by my side.




At the end of 2015, I had a realization, that although my life seemed absolutely standard (i.e. beautiful home, a wonderful husband, a corporate job I actually liked) I wasn't living my life on purpose. The realization came to me in the form a little baby boy and forever changed the course of my life.

I set out to create my own business, from absolutely nothing, and within 9 months had left my 9 to 5. By the end of 2016, I knew I was on to something with my specific message and inspiring story because I started to see tremendous growth in my community and income. 

Within just one year I had created a 6-figure cash business from focusing on my authentic story, building relationships with my community and tons of strategy, but something was missing.

I didn't want to do this forever, I wanted something BIGGER and to make a much larger impact in the world than what I had been taught could provide me.

That's when I started to integrate my experience in the coaching industry with my 5+ years of experience in Communications and Public Relations. Suddenly, my message started taking off, I was sharing my story on multiple platforms and my audience exponentially grew.

You see, I've made it a goal to impact as many women as possible and know that as a result I will be generously compensated for my time and energy

I was just like you once, focusing on the hustle, worried too damn much about my "perfect" funnel, wasting precious time trying to create the course that would make me a millionaire and not seeing the growth and impact I desired.

When I focused more attention on how I could serve my audience and on creating a stage for my story and message to impact thousands my business grew with ease. 

I truly believe that you'll make a greater impact and build a stronger legacy when you focus on spreading your message to more people.

This is bigger than your private Facebook group and a couple people on your live videos, this is about your story changing the lives of others.


It's time for you...



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JENA PROCTOR, pinterest strategist

"Working with Michelle is the best decision I have ever made for my business. Her guidance and practices took me from on the brink of giving up completely to a renewed excitement for the direction my business is taking. I took my business from barely getting by to making my highest income month while spending a week at Disney with my family for a surprise getaway. Michelle is knowledgeable in EVERY aspect of an online business so she is able to support you with all your needs and help you learn how to reach your goals without hiring a huge team OR getting burned out trying to do it all. Her patience and gentle guidance is refreshing and encouraging. She somehow pushes you out of your comfort zone without you ever FEELING pushed, it is a natural part of the growth process of working with Michelle."



I work with my clients in a variety of ways. If Passport to Freedom doesn't feel like the right fit let's chat to find a program to support your ultimate desires.

The foundation of your magnetic brand and business includes these five pillars...


Uncover your story, step into your worthiness and majorly boost your confidence so you can share your authenticity with the world.  


Create magnetic messaging that has you standing out online, attracts your ideal clients and makes you marketable to a bigger audience.


Amp up your visibility online by creating consistent and cohesive content that showcases your badassery without costing a ton of time and energy.


Step into the influencer status by sharing your message on podcasts, guest blogs, interview series and more, positioning you as the go to expert in your industry.


Build real relationships with your audience, by focusing on making deeper, more meaningful connections that build trust.


I work with my clients in a variety of ways. If Passport to Freedom doesn't feel like the right fit let's chat to find a program to support your ultimate desires.

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So grateful to have worked with Michelle for 6 months. She helped me get clear on who I serve, helped build my website, taught me to write copy and build funnels and help me successfully launch my first group program. There was a lot I learned in the 6 months and loved that our calls were recorded and notes were taken because I go back and use them often. I told her when I started that I wanted my hand held throughout the process and anytime I had a question it was answered. I honestly don’t know where I would be if I didn’t work with Michelle, probably staring at my screen wondering what to do next.
— HALEY NAVARRO, Mindful Wellness Coach
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I’ve been working with Michelle for about 7 months now and have experienced so much change and growth. In these past few months, I’ve doubled the size of my list, launched two funnels, completed my first official launch, reviewed all of my copy, and gained more confidence in myself as a coach and business owner. Michelle has supported me as I push past what is”comfortable” for me while giving me the tools to do so confidently. I get off every call with Michelle feeling excited, motivated and ready to work on all that we talked about. Having accountability from Michelle has been huge for me too, being a work from home mom, my work can easily t get moved to the bottom of the to-do list, but knowing I have set tasks that Michelle and I created, along with a “deadline” of our calls, my business stays in the forefront of my mind.
— Jennifer Bloomingdale, Life Coach and Course Creator
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I feel confident in my brand, which has translated to confidence in my ability as an online entrepreneur to stand out and be successful. After only 5 weeks, I went from having a vague idea to the place where I’m ready to launch my business. Making that first investment in my business by joining Brand New Adventure was scary but I made an important realization: If I’m not willing to investment in myself, then how can I expect other people to invest in working with me? Michelle is so real and raw in her business approach and packs so much value into her program. Take a leap of faith, start your Brand New Adventure, and you won’t regret it one bit!
— natalie arent, wellness industry brand designer
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I’ve seen first hand how to build a business from absolutely nothing to  6-figures and after all the strategy, techniques and tools it comes down to one single piece of the puzzle. What is your story and how can you share it with the world where your audience has to know more about you and work with you.

Of course, we will use strategy to amplify it, but what we really want to focus on is you, your story and the bigger picture of your mission.

Maybe what you’re doing now is a stepping stone for something bigger.

What is the impact and legacy you want to leave on this world? It starts right here, right now in building that momentum. Starting to build the momentum to take your visibility to the next level and exponentially grow awareness around your brand.

Your story doesn’t end here, hustling to make a couple thousand dollars, constantly trying to come up with a new idea to grow your community and hit your financial goals. 

Your job is to attract your tribe, build confidence in your message and completely transform your level of worthiness; 

because LADY you are worthy of it all.

I work with my clients in a variety of ways. If Passport to Freedom doesn't feel like the right fit let's chat to find a program to support your ultimate desires.