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Self-Study Course

create your authentic brand that is in alignment with your personal story

The only way to stand out in a crowded market is to create your branding and messaging around your personal story.

This mini course walks you through every step needed to uncover your story, develop your messaging and create your truly authentic brand - a brand that will attract your dream clients.

Your brand is so much more than just the aesthetics, yes the colors, fonts and photos are important, but that is NOT what attracts dream clients to your brand and it is DEFINIETELY NOT what has people investing in your services.

Your branding and messaging IS YOUR STORY! Your story is the foundation of your business and should be in alignment with your purpose. No two people share the same story, that is why YOUR MUST uncover your story and build upon it into your truly authentic brand.


🔶 Have a clear picture as to what parts of your story need to be shared and how you can tie your personal story into your offer.

🔶 Know exactly who needs to hear your story and how best to get your message out into the world.

🔶 Be clear on what branding best reflects your personal story and how to connect it all together in a polished, purposeful, authentic brand.

Module 1: Your Worth

Module 1 will assist you in taking the first step in uncovering your story, establishing your worth and learning to lead with yourpurpose. This module builds a strong foundation for your business and carries through into your messaging and branding.

Module 2: Your Story

Module 2 is all about becoming crystal clear on what various chapters and transitions have contributed to your path. Not only will this module support you in uncovering your stories, but also connecting each one to lessons learned that you will carry through into your messaging and branding.

Module 3: Your Audience

Module 3 supports you in pinpointing exactly who needs to hear your story and why. This module breaks it down to the finest details so you know exactly who you are talking to in your messaging. By having a clear picture of who you are attracting you can create truly magnetic messaging for your business.

Module 4: Your Message

Module 4 turns your story into your messaging. It prepares you to share your personal story with the world. Providing you with the resources to finalize your mission, key messages, social postings and preparing ten topics that you can use to start sharing your message today!

Module 5: Your Authentic Brand

Module 5 connects all the pieces and empowers you to create a brand that is a reflection of who you truly are. This module supports you in creating the aesthetics for your brand, providing you with visuals, tips, and next steps to complete your signature brand.


Bonus materials include a welcome audio message and two bonus videos to provide additional support in uncovering your story. Bonus video training to Rid Yourself of Comparisonitis and Create a True to You Brand and a complimentary template to build your inspiration board for your new authentic brand.

you are your story. your story is your brand.

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by uncovering your authentic brand you will:

  • Have clarity on which chapters of your story should be shared to have a successful business.

  •  Know who you are meant to attract to your business and how to attract your dream clients through your messaging.

  • Create one of a kind messaging that is not only in alignment with your purpose, but also speaks directly to your ideal client in a way no one else does.

  • Seamlessly design your authentic brand that showcases your business and purpose without having to say a word and stands out in the crowded world of social media.

Who is this course for?

🔶 Aspiring female entrepreneurs who are looking to build a strong foundation so they can leave their 9 to 5!

🔶  Female entrepreneurs looking to up level their branding so it mirrors the success of their business!

... and those that have avoided branding, for as long as possible, because it seems a little overwhelming

this course will support you, no matter where you are in your journey


Cj's journey giving back


Not only is this course in alignment with my purpose, but it also benefits an organization near and dear to my heart. After the loss of my brother to childhood cancer, a registered 501(c)3 organization was formed in his honor. CJ's Journey helps young patients and their families during the fight against childhood cancer. $5 from every purchase goes directly to this volunteer-run organization.