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The Ultimate Branding Course to Support You in Creating an Authentic, Captivating and Money-Making Brand!


So you want a brand that stands out online, attracts your ideal tribe and brings in consistent cash flow, but right now you're really struggling with where to start...




Great! Do I have your attention?


 🔶  You struggling to take your broad, and kind of vague ideas, and turn them into a streamlined and cohesive brand that allows you to stand out online.

🔶  You're having a hard time finding consistency among your branding, including, but of course not limited to, your social media posts, email marketing and website design

🔶 You feeling a bit overwhelmed, hell a lot overwhelmed, with how to make your brand make sense as a whole, while showing your unique style and personality AND connecting with your ideal client.

Sheesh - it’s a lot isn’t it? And probably just the tip of the iceberg!

branding 5-week course

Would it make you feel better if I told you that you weren't alone?
Ok great! The reality is so many online entrepreneurs feel the EXACT same way as you and often times they get so overwhelmed, they just throw in the towel and go for a cookie-cutter style and brand like everyone else - BORING!


But, that’s not you is it lady? You want a brand that:


Shares your authentic story in a way that grabs the attention of your ideal client the very first second they see it and makes them want even more of what you have to offer. 

Is inspiring and approachable so you can start making deep, meaningful connections with your audience while staying true to your core message and beliefs. 

⇉ Effortlessly coordinates with every single aspect of your business and is concise in showcasing your message so you build a loyal and trustworthy community of people ready and eager to invest. 


I wanted the EXACT same thing when I started my business, but instead I SPENT EIGHT MONTHS CREATING A BRAND THAT DID NONE OF THE ABOVE and left me feeling uninspired, unmotivated and not confident in my ability to get paying clients.

Hey there, I'm Michelle

Your Brand New Adventure (1).jpg

I tried so hard to mimic what everyone else was doing in their business, spent tons of time trying to finalize my colors and fonts (which took way longer than I ever want to admit), studied how people were posing for their brand photos and what props they were using, that I seriously lost sight of who I was in the process.


And if I couldn’t clearly see what I had to offer the world, how would I expect others to see it as well?

When I took a step back, got in touch with my story I was able effortlessly redo my website in just three days, choose my fonts and colors within hours and had the most amazing, authentic photo shoot that shared my personality!

From there my brand messages, copy, content and offerings started to reflect what made me, well, me! And people started to notice.

I began signing clients regularly, was asked to guest speak about the power of a personal brand on multiple occasions and I started building a community that wanted exactly what I was offering - no gimmicks, no tricks, just authenticity.

Since that change I've been able to sign consistent clients into my 1:1 program, build a successful group program, help hundreds of women find their voice to create stand out brands for their business and created a 6-figure business in just one year! 




Your Brand New Adventure (2).png

It's time to put your story at the core of your brand so you can be seen, be heard and most importantly make money by being you!


your niche: You have a story and gift to share with the worl


Discover what parts of your story will attract your ideal client effortlessly so you can develop a niche that instantly positions you as an expert in your industry (and has you feeling like one too). 


ideal client: you're meant to impact the lives of so many people

module two

Truly discover who you want to attract to your brand and business (i.e. your ideal client) and how to communicate to them, so you become clear on how to connect with them on a much deeper level than someone else in your industry.



module three

Learn my secret weapon to consistent messaging by getting my exact step-by-step system to create core brand messages that clearly communicates what you do and how it benefits your audience, so your dream clients are instantly magnetized to your brand and business.



module four

Tap into your brand story to identify how you want people to feel when seeing or hearing your brand and discover how to relay those emotions to your audience so they actually respond to your visuals, your content and your offers.



module five

Understand how color, font and brand elements impact a person’s mood and decision to buy and how to choose aesthetics that exemplify your brand story and inspire your audience.


VISIBILITY: Sharing your brand with the world

module six

Understand how to create content and messages that are in alignment with your new brand and allow you to consistently show up online to increase your visibility without feeling like you don't know what to say.


BRAND AWAReNESS: Growing your online following and making your massive impact

module seven

Develop your brand strategy that allows you to regularly share your message and show up online, allowing you to gain visibility among your ideal client on a regular basis and make the massive impact you desire.

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Brand New Adventure - Jena Liat

"WOW! I can't even begin to tell you how much Michelle has impacted my business. I was so lost. Rambling on in posts that no one noticed, hiding behind incomplete and boring branding... Michelle helped me break free from boring, discover how much I have to offer, and how to create a brand and message that draw my ideal clients to my business. I am more consistent and stand out in the sea of Facebook groups, my posts are getting more attention and comments, and I am confident in my messaging. Michelle KNOWS her stuff and I can't wait to see the impact this training has on my business when I get all the pieces together and in place! Upon investing in Brand New Adventure, I had my very first $5k month!! Without clear messaging and a standout brand, I'd never been able to reach this income level."

- Jena Liat, Pinterest Strategist

""I thought this course was primarily going to teach you how to start a brand and then a business (which it did), but it went so much deeper than that - it teaches you how to find your purpose and define your message to the world. Your brand is the foundation of your business and Michelle’s course teaches you exactly what you need to do in order to build that strong foundation.

"I was able to create a clear direction for my business, a set of core brand messages that will help me have clarity in my copy and create on-brand content, and a complete brand aesthetic in which to build my website and business. Seriously, the amount of content in this course is insane! If you’re having trouble getting started with your business, sign up for this course! It will completely change your perspective and set you on the right path to creating a beautifully successful biz.""

- Amelia Deaton, Brand Architect

Untitled design (10).png

I created Your BRAND New Adventure for the online female entrepreneur who is READY to create a stand out brand that takes her from overlooked and lost to irresistible and bold.

It’s time for you to create a visual brand that is a true reflection and representation of why you started your business in the first place.

By saying yes to the future success of your business you will have the know how and strategy to take your big ole vague ideas and turn them into an irresistible brand that your ideal client can’t get enough of so you can seriously stand out online!


Your Brand New Adventure program includes:

7 Complete Workbooks walking you through the exact step by step process I use with my clients to create an authentic and stand-out brand that gets noticed online. 

• 11 Video Trainings walking you through the each of the modules and includes my top tips to get the very best out of each part of the program.

12 Bonus Video Tutorials to support you every step of the way from ideal client work to designing your new brand and sharing your brand with the world.

The Ultimate Brand Photoshoot Resource and Checklist to support you in creating images that not only increase your visibility online, position you as an industry expert, but also has your audience stopping mid scroll!


Plus these, dare I say, 4 incredible bonuses!

Bonus #1


Gain access to a private Facebook group for Brand New Adventure participants, where you'll receive laser coaching in the private community and build strong relationships with other female entrepreneurs who are ready to share their stories and build an authentic brand and business.

Bonus #2

Creating Your Client Magnetizing Home Base
AKA Your Website (Value: $147)

This bonus module will support you in the next step of the branding process, creating your captivating website. You have less than 15 seconds to capture the attention of your audience and you've got the visuals covered thanks to Brand New Adventure, but I can't leave you hanging. In this bonus module you'll learn what pages to have on your website and what to include to keep your ideal client engaged and ready to take action.

Bonus #3

Untitled design (11).png

Branding for pinterest
by jena liat (value: $147)

Pinterest is the fastest growing Social Media platform with over 175 million active users. Can you imagine your best content being seen by that many people? Learn how to carry your brand and business over to the Pinterest platform to expand your reach to a greater, super engaged audience and drive your ideal client straight to your website.


Bonus #4

Untitled design (12).png

BRANDING FOR INSTAGRAM by michelle knight (value: $197)

During this pre-recorded training you'll learn what's really needed to stand out on Instagram and how to carry over your brand onto the most visual social media platforms. I'm sharing not only the branding side of things, but also how to improve engagement, followers and build trust with your community through this amazing platform.



Untitled design (13).png

"I feel confident in my brand, which has translated to confidence in my ability as an online entrepreneur to stand out and be successful. After only 5 weeks, I went from having a vague idea to the place where I’m ready to launch my business. Making that first investment in my business by joining Brand New Adventure was scary but I made an important realization: If I’m not willing to investment in myself, then how can I expect other people to invest in working with me? Michelle is so real and raw in her business approach and packs so much value into her program. Take a leap of faith, start your Brand New Adventure, and you won’t regret it one bit!"

- Natalie Arent, Brand Strategist and Designer for Wellness Entrepreneurs


“I have been following Michelle for awhile and participated in some of her free trainings. I loved her open style, the amount of value she gives you, and her down to earth approach which makes it easy for you to understand. I am so happy I bit the bullet and jumped into the Your Brand New Adventure program. I lacked clarity around my ideal client and thought I would never reach a point where I could articulate this.

With Michelle's help, I was able to create a strong statement that I can use across all platforms. I had done some branding work myself but felt like I was all over the place with no idea how to tie it all together. With Michelle's guidance and the awesome workbooks, I was able to work through building my brand step by step and really understand how the different elements relate to each other. There were so many parts that I was missing trying to do it all on my own so Michelle's help was invaluable. I truly cannot recommend this program enough to help you move quickly forward in your business.”

- Robyn Holloway, Mindset Coach

Untitled design (14).png

Yes! I'm Ready for a Brand New Adventure!


With this 7-module program you can expect to:

Uncover your story and create your authentic brand.

Eliminate brand shame and comparisonitis with other entrepreneurs.

Create a brand that stands out online and within your industry.

Have well-branded photos that reflect your brand story and capture your audience.

Develop a brand that truly excites you and makes you proud to share.

Have all the tools needed to take brand idea to brand completion.

Build deep, meaningful connections with your audience.

Have a brand that allows your business to be seen and heard.

Consistency across all platforms where your brand is gaining visibility.

Create a brand that is totally and completely you!

Untitled design (15).png

"Since starting to work with Michelle I feel so much more clear and at ease when it comes to putting myself out there. My messages are consistent and on brand, creating content that used to take me hours is now so easy because I'm confident that it is on message and fits with my brand. Because of this I've been putting myself out there more and I have been amazed at how quickly things have been happening since doing so! Just yesterday I got 4 inquiries, 3 from completely cold audience and all of them mentioned how my message resonated with them. Michelle has helped me so much in getting clear on exactly what I have to offer and using my own story to connect with my ideal client in a deep and authentic way!"

- Laura Froyen, PhD, Peaceful Parenting and Relationship Coach

“When I started the program I only had an idea for a blog in mind, but after completing the course I have ideas for courses, an app, and maybe coaching at some point. I really enjoyed learning from Michelle how to use my story when writing. In researching my niche and my ideal client I found a lot of the writings to be more informative rather than personal and therefore they didn't keep my attention. I'm excited to put what I have learned to use. With the brand and story work I have learned in this program, I feel like I have a clear, concise vision for my brand and am ready to find my rhythm and get started.”

- Des Jones, Blogger

Untitled design (16).png
Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 11.31.54 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 9.43.42 AM.png


Vertical Photos (2).png

When does this program begin and end?

The program begins the second you sign up. You will receive instant access to the membership site where you will find every single module and training ready for you to dive in. This is a completely self-study program that can be done at your own pace.

is this a live program?

Yes and no. While we don't have weekly live coaching calls, I'm offering you the sweet bonus of 2 BONUS GROUP COACHING CALLS when you enroll before June 8 at midnight. Aside from those 2 calls this program is designed to be done at your own pace, but the in-depth videos and trainings within the program will support you along the way. As an added bonus you have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support along the way.

Will I be able to get my questions answered?

Yes, absolutely! I've created a private Facebook group just for participants from this program that you have access to. I pop in multiple times a week to provide laser coaching to my clients within the program. This is your opportunity to get your questions answered and get the support you deserve as you work through the program.

How long do I have access to the program?

Forever! You will have access to the Brandmerry membership site where all your materials will be stored. You also have the option to download the workbooks, trainings and audio recordings. 

How is this program different from other branding courses?

My approach to branding is different than what others are doing! I believe in branding as the heart of your business, which means the foundation of your business (niche, ideal client and messaging) should be in place before the aesthetics can be created. This course will support you in creating the visuals of your brand, but also so much more. At the end of this program you will have clarity on your ideal client, messaging, copy and of course the look and feel of your brand.

Branding is so much more than just a logo and this program sets you up for creating a well-rounded brand that is a true reflection of you and what you have to offer.

I'm just starting out, is this for me?

Yes, because I focus on the fundamental pieces of a business first and foremost and then the brand comes naturally after. If you are just starting out this is an amazing place to start. Many of the women who have gone through Brand New Adventure came in with a simple idea and a strong desire, at the end of the program they had all the structures in place to start making money through their biz.

I've been in business for a while, will i benefit from this program?

Yes! If you aren't seeing the results from your efforts online, I'm talking limited engagement, not hitting your consistent income goals and working "really" hard to try and find your clients then this is for you. It's time to go back to the basics and create a brand that compliments your big business goals. Many of my clients go through Brand New Adventure and instantly see a massive increase in brand visibility and engagement. I've had women complete this course and sign clients directly from live video!

Will I be able to DIY my own logo?

Yes, if you choose to go the DIY route you will have all the resources you need to understand color, font and logo creation, as well as online tools to do it. I'm also supporting you with the tools to bring your ideas to a designer, if you should choose.

i'm already in a different program should I invest in this as well?

This program is an excellent compliment to other online programs. Depending on what type of program you are currently in, I believe that Your Brand New Adventure will support you in gaining even more clarity on your authentic brand and how to share that with the world. If you have any questions on if this would be a good fit, just complete the form below.

I dON't know if it's the best time for me to invest.

Ok, so this isn't really a question, but it comes up a bunch. The reality is there will never be the "right" time for you to invest. There will never be a better time than right now. Making changes in your life and business is scary, I've been there too, if you want it make time for it, I truly believe it is as simple as that. I've designed this program so you can work through and complete the modules in just a couple hours a week - is your business worth that?.

Do you offer refunds?

Nope, don't say yes if you aren't ready to commit to the program. 

I have just started my business when I found Michelle on Facebook. After interacting with her and taking part in a challenge she did on her group I knew I would work with her. There’s this warmth and connection I felt with her. She delivers on her promises and I feel more confident as I have all I need to put myself out there as a brand. I have definitely made the best decision by choosing to work with Michelle.
— Comfort Olutula
The Brand New Adventure is a great program. It gives tons of information on so many little details - how to tell your story, how to connect with your clients, how to choose colors, fonts and images, how to come up with content and how to become visible. I had tons of fun going thru the steps of the program and enjoyed Michelle’s guidance and insight. I didn’t know how much I could learn in such a short time. If you ever consider this program —- just go for it! It is amazing! Thank you Michelle.
— Linda Frellstedt
I have bought many courses, books and podcast that claimed they could help with branding my business. However, I found it difficult to transfer the advice to my business. I found this course was easy to understand and Michelle’s direct, no-nonsense approach made it easy for me to understand. I have implemented the changes and people are beginning to engage with my content. Thank you Michelle.
— Dione Watson